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The Five Most Important Words

We’ve all had that student. You know the one – he does not want to be in music class, and he does everything he can to demonstrate it. He’s defiant, disruptive, and demands attention. He drains your energy and leaves you wondering if your classroom management skills have gone down the drain. You try everything, […]


How I Got a Free Picture Book for my Classroom!

When I went back to university 7 years ago to become a teacher, my end goal was to land a job teaching music. Had that fallen through, my back-up plan was to do an M.A. in Children’s Literature, my other passion. Now, as a music teacher, I try to combine my two passions as much […]


Jump, Frog, Jump!

One of my favourite go-to resources is Artie Almeida’s “Mallet Madness” book. I love having quality lessons prepared to go when I’m looking for inspiration… especially at this time of the year! We have 6 weeks of school left, and the kids are driving me buggy! One of my favourite things is that children’s literature […]


Chrome Music Labs

(If you haven’t already seen Chrome Music Labs, go there right now, play around a bit then come back and read the rest of this post!) For Music In Our Schools Month, Google created this wonderful new site called Chrome Music Labs. I found out about it one day last week before work, and knew […]


Cup Games in the First Week

Well, my first week back to school with actual students is over and I am so happy with how it went. In addition to my usual ‘here’s where you sit, now let’s review the MUSIC rules,’ I added something new to my first week of teaching: Cup Games. I don’t know why I had never […]


Technology in the Music Room

So far, this year has been a blast! I am once again teaching Core Music, and I have no doubt in my mind that this is where I am supposed to be. I absolutely love my job 🙂 This week, I received a rather amazing goody from my school district: a Music Technology Integration kit. […]